'Miles Davis of course!' is my dads, it was the first one that came out i thought it was funny. 

'Im yours' is that a song?

'♡' is nice

'this one' & 'not this one' are good in a pair. 



The Leeds College of Art and Design foundation show was the other night (the 29th of May) went really well. The fashion show went really well! some proper cool stuff... 

the building was packed and really hot, so I took these photos and videos when the show was open this week. 

vice using it - RUN-DMC

vice using it -Edith Piaf

the project looked at drawing and writing and the link between drawing and writing to other things, for example music or cups of teas and cups of coffees... This piece acted as a collection or research point to find out what people favorite song is (when i get all the results back i will post them.) 

view inside the bag - some of the responses.


i wanna do some stuff about the credit crunch or maybe expenses...  



I've got a lot of bullshit in the pipeline...