Never Stop Working

final major project and foundation are now both over, leaving me with a lot more spare time to do stuff like this. Never stop working is a piece of advice given the other day in a pub, i am to take that advice. 
It was really cool to see everyones work up on the walls of collage, its interesting to see work in other areas that i hadn't had the opportunity to see. On the whole I'm really pleased with my final piece. 

shelf with pencil - cassette tape player - and bag for responses.

pencil in hole

what's your favourite song? and slot for responses. 

the project was based on drawing and the things which are linked with drawing for example music and sound.  Basically when the pencil is picked up the motor on the tape player is on this starts the sound (i did this by placing  a micro switch between the motor for the tape reel and the power.) when the pencil is finished with and retuned to hole the sound stops. 

i might try and include a video of it in action...


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