This project looks at the theme neophobia, fear of new things, or of new experiences. I started by looking at what made things ‘new’ and subsequently what made them ‘old’, for example, names, technology and clothing. I also made reference at the start of the project to my belief that neophobia is a low level phobia, and to it being more of a reluctancy (this is backed up with research).

This lead me to the idea of sentimentality and to stains and wear on clothes. Wear being something I have looked at in previous projects, and a theme which I find very interesting and am keen to work around in my project work.

I continued to do material and secondary research around clothing and around the staining and wearing of garments to make them old or to ‘look’ old. This secondary research included companies and designers such as A.P.C, specifically their ‘butler worn series’. PRPS, Nigel Cabourn, and Martin Margiela’s Replica clothing.

Through this research and the primary material research, such as wearing and staining techniques, my ideas were realised in a number of garments. I decided to focus around the white T-shirt, something that I believe would be on of the most daunting garments for a neophobic sufferer.

I decided to create a garment that referenced staining and one that referenced wear another which would reference sentimentality, these being the main themes I researched.

These garments reference neophobia and could be for a neophobic sufferer. This is not to say that they are not the starting point for a range of designs that touch on the the three ideas outlined above.The work was displayed in the space as shown in these photos.

The posters that are seen above photos are bellow.

These posters were based on scanned in stains!

Thats about it. x

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