plan for every eventuality

Family holidays are always eventful. Aside from being left at the airport with only my mobile and a two euro coin, and being delayed by volcanic ash, we managed to lose a hire car.

The Opal Corsa in question had been left by my dad in the spot we had claimed as ours over the time we were visiting. After leaving the car my dad decided to go out for a walk, after walking past 'our spot' a couple of times he realised that the car he had parked there only a couple of hours before was no longer there.

mum: 'did you manage to get any money out?'
dad: 'do you want the worst news first or the second worse? the car is missing, and the bank was shut.'

Thankfully the car and the Marriotts were reunited after my dad traveled in the back of a police car with the chief of police to pick up the illusive vehicle. It had moved it in order for a cycle rally to begin, and not stolen by the spanish mafia.

Holiday tip, when parking cars remember observe small pink signs sellotaped to lampposts. Oh, and unless your feeling strong it is advantageous to purchase snow chains before driving into an alpine ski resort.      

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